Refreshing Summertime Mommy Mocktails



Refreshing Summertime Mommy Mocktails


The first day of summer marks the beginning of hot weather, cool drinks, and good times with family and friends! Whether you've decided to stay indoors, air conditioning blasting or are lounging in the shade outside, you'll want a refreshing drink in hand to beat the heat.

Refreshing Margarita Mocktail

Recipe by Jacqui Saldaña of Baby Boy Bakery

For those who've been craving sweet, sour and salty, this is the drink for you! A fun beverage to enjoy while everyone else is having a regular cocktail, you won't feel like you're missing out at the party. This margarita is a concoction of lemonade, sparkling water, sweet and sour mix, ice and margarita salt. Change it up by using ginger beer instead of sparkling water!


Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

Recipe by Make Mine a Mocktail

Create this refreshing drink with only 4 simple and fresh ingredients! Instead of ice, the recipe calls for frozen and fresh strawberries, making your daiquiri thick and delicious instead of watered down. Add in simple syrup, lime juice and pineapple juice and it becomes a sweet treat your kids will love too!


Grapefruit Honey Spritzer

Recipe by The Merrythought

The Grapefruit Honey Spritzer will be sure to revive you during the sweltering summer months! A combination of grapefruit, honey and lime with an added grapefruit infused sugar rim. It's a delightful drink to sip on as you watch the kids play outside or enjoy some much deserved me-time.


Sweet Sunrise with a Twist

Recipe by Savor the Flavour

The stellar mother-daughter team behind Savor the Flavor has found a wonderful way for pregnant or breastfeeding moms to enjoy brunch! Deprived of our mimosas, we searched and found the perfect substitute. Orange juice, mineral water, lime, lemon and grenadine are some of the ingredients that go into this beautiful and tasty drink.


Cucumber Lime Lavender Spritzer

Recipe by Diary of a Debutante

Low calorie and an exquisite balance of floral, tangy, and sweet flavors, this cucumber mocktail is a great choice to serve when entertaining guests who don't drink. Add a splash of gin and those who would like an alcoholic beverage are equally satisfied. The spritzer is a blend of fresh mint leaves, dried lavender, chopped cucumbers, lime juice, club soda and a little sugar.


Rose Lemon Spritzer

Recipe by Half-Baked Harvest

A sophisticated beverage and easy to make, you'll be sure to impress when you serve the lovely Rose Lemon Spritzer. Rose water, lemon juice, honey and sparkling water are the leading components. If you’ve never used rose water before, don’t be afraid to here. It adds a subtle floral flavor and does not overpower the drink. Versatile, this spritzer can be made into a real cocktail by adding a splash of vodka.


Grapefruit Thyme Mocktail

Recipe by Flowers in the Salad

Homemade thyme syrup, fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling water come together to make this unique and light mocktail. It is the highlight on a hot summer day and the perfect pairing to a fresh fish lunch or salad. 


Watermelon Mint Mojito

Recipe by Watch What U Eat

A healthy, non-alcoholic, naturally sweetened and low calorie drink, the Watermelon Mint Mojito is a mom favorite! Fresh cut watermelon, mint leaves, lime juice, chilled sparkling apple cider and agave mix together for a refreshing, fruity summer mojito.

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