Best Pregnancy Apps for Tracking Your Baby's Development



Best Pregnancy Apps for Tracking Your Baby's Development


Pregnancy apps are a wonderful modern tool for women to learn about how their body changes and how baby develops in the womb. Both first time and veteran moms can benefit from them as each pregnancy experience may be different. Check out our favorite pregnancy tracking apps below, and find one that is just right for your journey!

1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is one of our favorite pregnancy apps for so many reasons! It offers realistic illustrations of what your growing child looks like in detail - zoom in to full screen and get a closer look! It also reveals your child's hands and feet size at different stages and compares them to how they will look at their birth.

We know how exciting it is to share developmental milestones of baby in the womb with your friends and family. Ovia lets you choose fun themes to share your baby's size and progress. You can choose between "fruits & vegetables, animals, Parisian pastries, and fun & games." For example, "at week 17, baby is the size of a creme brulee!" Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

This app allows you and your partner to search and filter through baby names' meanings and origins, to find one you love! Enjoy assorted pregnancy articles and tips to support your pregnancy, a calendar to organize your progress and experiences, doctor appointment reminders, and information on food safety and medications!

2. The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown is an awesome tool for first time moms. It's planner helps you prepare for doctor appointments, a catalog shares essential baby products from all major retailers and the editorial section presents award-winning pregnancy and parenting articles, daily! Find exclusive offers, savings, and giveaways.

View what baby may look like each week through Inside the Bump, an interactive 3D visualization of baby's development. You won't be learning only about baby, but about your own bodily changes as well! Compare your growing child to fun fruits and keep track of their current size.

Trying to find the perfect baby name? Use the search tools to find both baby boy and baby girl names, sorting by origin. You can even discover the most popular or uncommon baby names.

The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown has a photo album to document your growing belly as the weeks go by, and allows you to continue saving precious pictures throughout the first year of baby's life.

3. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy guides you through every day of your pregnancy. It helps keep you organized and educated about the many exciting changes and developments happening in your body and with baby. It is the only pregnancy app that explains interactive moments with your little one in real time, such as kicking, heartbeat and more!

Valuable tools like the weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer help you follow baby's movements and health. Make beautiful memories by creating your own pregnancy timeline and journal, storing all your thoughts, experiences and belly photos. Sprout's journal includes over 350 fun entry ideas to get you started!

"Everything you need to track your pregnancy. All safely backed up to your iCloud account." Sprout Pregnancy

4. Glow Nurture

Glow Nurture promotes a healthy pregnancy with it's unique medical features. With this app, you can log important data like pregnancy symptoms, weight, medication and other health data, then conveniently email yourself a pdf of the information to have on hand or take to the doctor! It provides postpartum and miscarriage support, as the pregnancy journey does not just end at the 3rd trimester.

Glow Nuture has thousands of daily pregnancy articles to choose from, innovative symptoms tracker, community and partner support, and a wonderful baby registry. The registry can be linked to any existing registry with the ability to add products from any store you'd like! The app is also integrated with MyFitnessPal and Apple’s Health App.

In addition, it generates daily updates on your pregnancy and the size of your baby, with fetal development images. Track baby's kicks and movements, and when the time is right track the duration and interval of your contractions!

5. Hello Belly

Hello Belly is a pregnancy guide for moms and dads! Top experts offer over 400 professional tips, presented in a fun way. Weekly 3D and augmented reality visualizations of baby in the womb create an immersive experience for both parents!

Check in with yourself, mama, and calm your thoughts with the best-in-class available meditations for a more conscious pregnancy. Follow along with the prenatal yoga video classes, safe for you and the bun in your oven.

Not so sure if you're totally prepared? Hello Belly has checklists and handbooks for you to understand and log your symptoms, nutrition, what to put in your hospital "go-bag", shopping ideas, and more. Unlock special offers and discounts from partners of Hello Belly.

6. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker provides helpful tips every single week from conception to delivery, of exercises and workouts that are just right for how far along you are at any stage! It also recommends the right books to read to support you in your journey to maintain a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.

Check out the weekly descriptive updates on your baby's development and things you should pay attention to regarding changes in your own body. Enjoy information on what to eat during this special time in life! What food your body may benefit from having more of, and what to stay away from. 

Keep track of important dates and appointments on your pregnancy calendar, and use checklists that have been specially assembled for each trimester, such as a pre-birth to-do list and a hospital "go-bag" list so that you don't miss a thing!

7. Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump

Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump provides wonderful advice for new and veteran moms alike. Each pregnancy a woman has can be very different, and having dependable resources on hand to guide you through upcoming experiences can be lifesaving!

Be surprised each week with what fruit your baby will be compared to in size! With the Pregnancy Tracker, know when to expect milestones like feeling your baby's first kick or discovering their gender! "Learn new facts about the baby and the changes inside your body. Get advice on sleep, diet, activities, and more."

 As a soon-to-be mother, you will learn more about what you can expect to happen with you and your baby-to-be every week of your pregnancy. Your baby's changing every day, and so does your body! See what they look like each week with detailed fetal development images and videos." Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump

8. Daddy Up

Cowboy up, dads-to-be! Whether you're a new dad or adding another cub to the family, Daddy Up is the man's field guide to pregnancy.

Stay up-to-date on what mama bear is experiencing each week, and how your little one is progressing in the womb. Find fun, outdoorsy baby size comparisons each week and customizable checklists to prepare you for bringing them home!

Keep your field notes in the Daddy Up journal, and include pictures to enhance your wonderful family memories.

Be prepared for birth with a contraction counter so you can take your partner to the delivery center in time! The app even comes with a shareable baby announcement to spread the word of your good news!



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