6 Fun Valentine Snacks for the Whole Family

Kids love Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to munch on holiday inspired treats! Cooking can become a sensory activity when you invite your little helpers to assemble the snacks themselves, making fun memories with friends and family along the way. Here are some examples of tasty goodies recommended for ages 3 & up!

Pregnancy Health – The benefits of yoga during pregnancy
Yoga is a wonderful practice with many health benefits for your mind and body. Your body is allowed to recharge while you exercise, breathing is purposeful, and meditation is encouraged. Through measured breathing exercises you can strengthen your lungs as you let your body stretch and relax.
Labor and Delivery Tips During COVID-19
Creating a plan for your labor and delivery preferences is so important! It can reduce anxiety about the delivery process as you feel more prepared for what is about to happen. To begin with, you're going to what to provide some basic information for the nurse, doctor, doula or midwife that will be helping you. Be prepared for COVID-19 to impact your birth plan. That’s okay! It is still helpful to use the plan as a guide even if things don’t go as anticipated.
Must Haves – Hospital Go Bag Essentials
We know you are feeling many things as you await your sweet baby. There are things you can do to feel prepared and quell any feelings of nervousness or anxiety, and packing your hospital go-bag is one of them! It is recommended to pack your go-bag a few weeks prior to your due date. Week 36 or 37 is a safe bet considering some little ones come earlier than expected!
Why Finding Time for Yourself is Important
Parenting can be one of the most wonderfully rewarding, as well as exhausting, experiences. Whether you are a working or a stay-at-home parent, managing a family is no walk in the park. It can be really difficult to find work/life balance and to manage the household, making sure the needs of all family members are met. Every parent is going to feel stressed at some point! What are some signs that you as a parent are feeling stressed?
Products We Love: Elasticity Oil
Pregnancy-related skin changes are very normal, but unique to each mama. Some are graced with flawless, glowing skin while others are not so lucky. The most common skin issues are dry skin, darkening skin (a condition called melasma or chloasma) and acne. Those with preexisting skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea may notice their conditions getting worse or showing improvement during pregnancy. Your body is changing and being flooded with hormones, and will likely react in some way. Skin changes from pregnancy can also affect other areas of your body, like stretch marks, spider veins, hair growth and even hair loss.
PWL: Soothing Ultimate Cleansing Cloths for sensitive skin
There is nothing sweeter than a clean baby bum! As every mama knows, these little bums need to be cleaned frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, constant wiping can often strip the natural skin barrier and irritate sensitive skin. Sometimes, baby will develop a red rash.