Gift Guide for Baby Showers & New Moms



Gift Guide for Baby Showers & New Moms


Do you know someone who’s about to welcome a new baby into the world? Giving a new mama a gift whether it’s for her or for her newborn is a thoughtful way to share your joy. From gifts for baby that’ll be used for months, or a gift for a new mama, there’s no such thing as a bad gift. Your gift is your way of saying, “I’m thinking about you during this time, Mama!”

Whether you’re gifting for an expecting mama, or you’re about to be a mama yourself, read on to find out what are the best gift bundles for mamas and babies.


Assortment of baby shower gifts

If the new mom is a family member or close friend:

Newborn Daily Essentials

 “This is a must have for new moms. The smell and the quality are amazing.” – Kdbaker, North Carolina

Of course, the closer you are to the new mama, the more you’ll want to spend on a gift that she’ll love and appreciate.

Noodle & Boo’s Newborn Daily Essentials covers baby’s care from head to toe! Newborn 2-in-1, Super Soft Lotion, and Ultimate Cleansing Cloths feature Noodle & Boo’s signature crème douce scent, while the Ultimate Ointment, awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association is fragrance and steroid free. These products are clinically-tested for sensitive skin and they’re mild enough for daily use.

What’s so lovable about the Newborn Daily Essentials is its portability! Though it comes with a carry bag, the convenient size of the products can fit into your diaper or travel bag.

Newborn Daily Essentials is the perfect gift for a new mama to use during her baby’s bath time and diaper changes. Any mom would be delighted to receive this gift bundle! 

Noodle & Boo Maternity Collection

Prenatal Daily Body Care

“I bought this product at the end of my first trimester. It has been great to use. Light fragrance and my skin feels so silky smooth. I’m currently in my third trimester with no signs of itchy skin or stretch marks.” MissWooNV, Nevada

Chances are, that soon-to-be new mama in your life needs a little spoiling. She’s so occupied with preparing for her baby, she’s put her self-care at towards the bottom of her list. This luxurious bundle will allow mama to pamper herself, at every stage and skin care need.

Prenatal Daily Body Care includes the Elasticity Oil, for skin resiliency and restoration; Perfecting Crème, which is fragrance free and controls stretch marks; and Restorative Leg & Foot Balm, to massage mama’s prenatal aches and pains.

For pregnant mamas, the Elasticity Oil is formulated to enhance the skin’s natural elasticity. It contains an organic blend of sunflower and jojoba seed oils, which help to relieve dry, itchy skin during pregnancy. If you know that new mama is concerned about stretch marks that might pop up during her pregnancy, Elasticity Oil paired with the Perfecting Crème is the ultimate stretch mark regimen.

The Perfecting Crème, which is certified organic, contains ultra-rich cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and avocado oil. It also contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Noodle & Boo’s Restorative Leg & Foot Balm is perfect for those prenatal aches, pains, and swelling. It’s ideal to use the balm during a foot massage since it’s packed with shea butter. The organic blend of citrus and cane sugar extracts also moisturize, soften, and exfoliate the skin.

All of the products in the Prenatal Daily Body Care bundle are dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice for a mama who wants to stay glowing during her pregnancy.

New Mama Recovery Kit

I have heard about this brand from one of my friends who use their products foe a long time so I was very excited to try this skin set from this brand and I should say it’s one of the best skin products that I have ever used. “ Ayda D.

“After giving birth, new moms will be busy as they focus on their newborn’s needs. New Mama Recovery Kit is a thoughtful after-birth skin care kit. It includes Postpartum Oil, and Perfecting Crème. Let her have a TLC session with the combination of Postpartum Oil and Perfecting Crème! 

The Postpartum Oil is organic and formulated to nourish and help restore postpartum skin. It also contains sunflower oil and olive oil, which are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E to promote healthy skin.

This is an excellent bundle which complements well with Prenatal Daily Body Care. Our Mama collection works as a great pregnancy gift for incoming moms who love all things skin care!

Newborn Essentials

If the mom-to-be is a colleague, or neighbor

Starter Baby Gift Set

“What an adorable gift set. Great collection and love the scent!” Amelia, CA

The Starter Baby Gift Set shows your consideration for the new baby’s bath essentials. It’s a wonderful addition to any gift basket for baby showers, birthdays, or holidays! Another great about the Starter Gift Set is its substantial size, it can also be gifted alone if you’re gifting for an expecting mom you’re not too close with. 

With Soothing Body Wash, Extra Gentle Shampoo, and Super Soft Lotion, bath time for baby is covered. The gentle formulas are developed for baby’s delicate skin and mild enough for daily use.

Bundle of Joy

This travel sized bundle is perfect for every hospital delivery bag. Super Soft Lotion and Newborn 2-in-1 will assure the new mama that her little one’s skin will always be silky smooth and sweet smelling wherever they go. If you’re assembling a gift basket for a baby shower, Bundle of Joy will be a great addition!

You could even pair Bundle of Joy with Essential Care Kit which includes Super Soft Lotion, Extra Gentle Shampoo, and Soothing Body wash. To elevate gifting the Bundle of Joy, we suggest also giving a soft baby blanket, baby hair brush, or stuffed animal!

You can take a look at all of our gift sets here! Whether you’re gifting for an upcoming baby shower or holiday, these are sweet bundles you can’t go wrong with! Moms and mamas-to-be should be cherished and loved, and these thoughtfully-curated bundles are the best way to show love and appreciation. The new mom will be so impressed with your amazing gift giving skills. Don’t forget to get a card along with your gift to make it even more memorable!


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