5 Caring Gifts for New Mamas



5 Caring Gifts for New Mamas


A woman in your life just gave birth and welcomed a beautiful new baby into the world. You want to celebrate her hard work and this next chapter in her life by gifting her something useful and beneficial to both her and her baby.

Whether you’re gifting for a holiday, baby shower, or just because, read on to find out what gifts expecting mamas would love to have! Remember, the best gifts are cute and functional.

Recovery Kit

If the new mom you’re shopping for has already given birth, you could gift her New Mama Recovery Kit. This organic gift, containing Perfecting Crème and Postpartum Oil can encourage a new mom to pamper herself with fragrance-free, plant-based, and dermatologist-tested spa products.

The Postpartum Oil is great for restoring and nourishing postpartum skin and is a blend of organic oils. Since it was developed with sensitive skin in mind, Postpartum Oil will help enhance the ski’s natural recovery process.

Perfecting Crème keeps stretch marks at bay. It is made from ultra-rich cocoa butter and avocado oil to heal stretch marks and leave the skin smooth to the touch. An added bonus If you know the new mama, and know she had a C-section, she can use Perfecting Crème after initial healing and after doctor’s approval.

When Postpartum Oil and Perfecting Oil are combined, it creates the ultimate stretch mark regimen! For mamas who love all things skincare, this is a gift she will appreciate and use.


Nursing Cover

The benefits of nursing your baby is incredible. From providing essential nutrients to forming a closer bond, many new moms are now opting for the more natural way to feed their babies, which means they will benefit from a nursing cover. While in public or sitting with company, a new mama may feel more comfortable breastfeeding her newborn with the privacy of a nursing cover.

When searching for a nursing cover, choose one made from soft, durable fabric, such as cotton muslin. If the mama you’re gifting for is always on the go, you might want to consider gifting a 5-in-1 nursing cover from Bebe Au Lait. This multi-use muslin cotton cover also acts as a car seat cover, carriage cover, shopping cart cover, or an infinity scarf to keep a new mama stylish and always prepared. With plenty of stylish patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one to gift.


Burp Cloths

Help mom keep her clothes stain-free and looking fresh with a stylish and comfortable burp cloth. When made from 100% cotton muslin fabric, burp cloths are super absorbent, lightweight, and thick enough to protect clothing when layered.

A burp cloth will definitely come in handy to clean up drool, dribbling milk, spit up, and whatever comes your way. Burp cloths are also great multifunctional gifts. They can be used as a pad to change the baby when on the go or as a washcloth to wipe up any spills.

During the newborn months, mama will definitely be going through several burp cloths a day, so it doesn’t hurt to gift a few so she can stock up.

Home Ambiance

Noodle & Boo Reed Diffuser and Noodle & Boo Room Spray

Other cute and functional items to gift a new mom could be Noodle & Boo’s Room Spray, or Reed Diffuser! She can use it to freshen up her nursery or any other room in her home. Both feature the signature Crème Douce fragrance. Including soft notes of sweet vanilla beans, Crème Douce is the perfect blend of peach, water blossoms, and ripe mixed berries. The gentle and fresh fragrance is safe for baby and mama.

Find the Perfect Gift for New Mamas

Finding the perfect gift for a new mom can be intimidating. However, when you gift her something she will use and benefit in her daily life, she will forever thank you!

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