Product Standards



Ingredient selection is key in developing safe and effective products formulated especially for infants and children with sensitive skin. The emphasis on ingredient assessment is not only a priority, but an ongoing process as new information becomes available, and innovative ingredients are introduced to the market. Noodle & Boo requires significant data on new ingredients prior to reformulating any product. Since there are thousands of ingredients our chemists would not use, there are too many to list. However, here are some common ingredients used in skin care products that we have chosen to avoid.

Products do not contain:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • PPGs
  • Dyes
  • GMOs
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde Donors
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)


Preservatives ensure that bacteria, yeast and fungus (including mold) does not grow even after a product has been opened.  Every product that contains water can be at risk. Like bacteria and yeast, mold can cause serious skin irritation.  Something as simple as keeping product in a warm place can jeopardize the safety of a product.  Noteworthy, anhydrous products (does not contain water) generally do not require preservatives.

It is critical to safeguard products from microbial contamination.  There is not a single preservative that can protect a product from all the different types of bacteria and fungus.  It requires a blend of preservatives, at very small percentages, to ensure the integrity of a product.  Most preservatives at higher concentrations can cause skin irritation. By using a handful of different preservatives, at extremely low levels, products are protected, but there is not enough of any single preservative to cause skin irritation.  Learn more about Preservative Efficacy Testing



  • Developed by distinguished chemists in collaboration with healthcare professionals optimizing biocompatible, proven-safe, plant-based and natural ingredients.
  • Every ingredient can be traced from supplier to point-of-sale.
  • Manufactured in the USA in FDA-regulated facilities.
  • Clinically-tested, hypoallergenic products with aggressive sensitivity and tolerance testing.
  • Dermatologist and Pediatrician-Tested to ensure every product is appropriate for children and those with sensitive skin.


Noodle & Boo is working towards 100% recyclable and reusable packaging.  In addition to product packaging options, we are cognizant of how our packaging and products are manufactured. While there is added cost, we favor partners who use renewable or recycled materials and have facilities that leverage green manufacturing operations (conserve energy and prevent pollution).

No animal testing … ever. We ensure the safety of our products by using gentle ingredients that have been used reliably for many years, along with effective amounts of mild preservatives. We conduct state-of-the-art testing methods on human volunteers. 

We care about preserving the environment and showing kindness to every creature. Being socially responsible is part of our culture.