Making Bath Time Fun For Your Growing Toddler



Making Bath Time Fun For Your Growing Toddler


As parents of toddlers, you naturally want to do everything for them because you know what’s best! But your toddler may be showing signs of wanting to be independent. He may be choosing what he wants to wear, or what to eat. At this stage, you may want to start teaching him how to start doing things by himself, with your supervision. Around ages 3-5 is when your toddler might want to start helping out with your family’s daily routine.

Starting Independence with Bath Time

Make bath time with your toddler a pleasant experience by treating it as something other than just a time to be clean! It’s an excellent opportunity to bond with your child, especially if you’re a working mama. If you have a chatty toddler, bath time is the perfect time to focus on your little one and talk about your days together.

Bath Time Essentials 

Your child may be too young to understand the difference between shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Kinder 3-in-1 makes bath time seamless since it’s all in 1 big bottle! Pump a small amount into your hand or your child’s and apply it to hair and skin, rinsing well.

Our Kinder 3-in-1 contains low-suds and gentle moisturizers, ideal for toddlers who are eczema-prone or have sensitive skin. It’s mild enough for daily use; the soap-free formula rebalances pH on your toddler’s skin, and provitamin B and E condition and moisturize. 


Nothing makes bath time more exciting than bubbles! Bouncing Baby Bubbles can be poured directly under running water. Just a little goes a long way, and your toddler can swirl the water with their hands to help make more bubbles! You can play with the bubbles and use your imagination. You could even bring soft bath toys to add to the excitement!

Bouncing Baby Bubbles contains mild bubbling agents which were formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Its plant-based formula also contains milk protein known to moisturize sensitive skin, along with lactic acid which is a natural skin softener.


Your child can help out with rinsing off soapy hair. Puj PhillUps are perfect for those little hands. Not only can they use these functional cups for bath time, they can play with it too! It’s amazing how a toddler’s imagination can run wild with simple toys. The nub makes cleanup perfect and can be hung up around the tub.


To make playing during bath time safe, we recommend the Puj Snug! Having a faucet cover protects children from bumping their head on the spout. Its flexible nature means it can go on any faucet, no installation needed. If the tub is being shared with more than one child, this will assure you that no one has to worry about bumping their head during bath time.


When the bath is over, your toddler can dry themselves off in a hooded towel. The Big Hug towel has arm pockets that allow your child to dry themselves and stay warm. The tab at the top reminds them to hang up their towel after bath time!

As parents of little ones, we naturally want our child to grow up to be a kind-hearted and independent person. By starting with their personal hygiene, they’re able to learn the importance of self-care.


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