6 Tasty Valentine Snacks for the Whole Family



6 Tasty Valentine Snacks for the Whole Family


Kids love Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to munch on holiday inspired treats! Involve the whole family and make it more than just a meal.

Cooking can become a sensory activity when you invite your little helpers to assemble the snacks themselves, making fun memories with friends and family along the way. Here are some examples of tasty goodies recommended for ages 3 & up!

Hearts Lunch

Full of love and hearts everywhere, this well-rounded lunch boasts a yummy ‘apple-wich,’ homemade chips, roasted red pepper hummus and ‘hearts on a log’ celery sticks topped with almond butter and raisin hearts. Perfect for little fingers!

Discover the full recipe – here!

heart shaped goodies

Mini Heart Pizzas

Quick and easy to make, fun to eat! Mini-heart pizzas with shredded mozzarella and heart-shaped pepperonis will satisfy even the fussiest eaters. These personal pizzas are budget friendly, delicious and super cute! Using a few heart-shaped cookie cutters, make an everyday meal something festive and memorable.

Check out the full recipe – here!

Heart shaped pizza

Strawberry Jam Sandwich Hearts

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with something sweet! Made with strawberry jam, crunchy peanut butter, and fresh strawberry slices, these delicious sandwiches are great for children as they have many of the flavor profiles kids enjoy and are easy finger food. These adorable sandwiches store well and fit perfectly in your child’s lunchbox. Change it up by choosing a different flavored jam or even creamy peanut butter. A fun twist on a lunchtime classic!

Read the full recipe – here!

Heart shaped dessert

Bee – Mine Fruit Snack

The most adorable, delectable snack for your tiny Valentine. The Bee-Mine Fruit Snack is a sweet yet healthy alternative during a holiday known for lots of candy. With delectable strawberry wings, a juicy pineapple slice body, edible eyes and a rich chocolate drizzle for coloring, this bee’s cheerful appearance makes it very appealing to picky eaters. It’s an engaging and appetizing finger food for toddlers who insist on playing with their meal!

Use the full recipe – here!

Heart shaped cookies

Berry Heart Parfaits

This yummy treat is light, naturally sweetened and can be served not only for breakfast, but any time of the day. A parfait made with your favorite flavor of yogurt – we chose plain Greek yogurt as it is low in sugar and high in protein.

Layer in some tasty blueberries or other fruits of your choice. A cutout of a strawberry heart placed on top is the final, darling touch. Optional: sprinkle granola on top to really spice it up, adding crunch and texture!

Find the full recipe – here!

Heart shaped desserts

Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats

For a simple, gooey, no bake treat that is always a hit at parties and school events, look no further! This classic dessert is a lot of fun to make with your kids, and even more delightful for them to decorate. Create your own lovely designs with chocolate melts, sprinkles, edible glitter, or whatever you can think of!

View the full recipe – here!

Heart shaped cookies