5 Design Tips for Baby’s Space



5 Design Tips for Baby’s Space


Decorating a nursery can be a stressful and exciting experience. This is the room where you and baby will be bonding and loving each other. Putting together your nursery is an investment, so being realistic about your budget and room space is important.

It can be difficult to find out where to start, but we’ll break it down for you so you can manage. Happy designing Mama!

Before starting, look around the room and analyze the room’s size, lighting, and any built-in closets. It’s important to understand the nursery’s space, so you can have furniture that fits the room. Plus, there will be room for you to walk around, and for baby to crawl and play when he or she starts moving around.

You may want to consider having the crib close to the door, and away from any windows.

Create a Mood Board

Browsing Pinterest or Instagram for just a few minutes will overwhelm you with tons of nursery inspiration. It’s important to ask yourself what kind of aesthetic you’re searching for: do you want the room to be a classic pink or blue themed? California Casual, or traditional? How do you feel about a nature-themed room? Thankfully, there are many nursery quizzes that can put a name to the aesthetic you’re searching for.

You’ll be able to narrow down the seemingly endless ideas of nurseries that way! Putting together a mood board will help you visualize your dream nursery. Soon, you’ll be able to see a theme starting to come together!

Prioritize Nursery Staples

It’s time to decide what are your absolute must-haves for baby’s nursery, and what are things you’d like to have. A typical nursery will have 3 areas – a crib, a changing station, and a feeding station. If you’re designing with a budget, you might want to make those pieces a priority. A crib, dresser, and rocking chair will be your biggest nursery purchases!

Consider investing in pieces that your little one can use when he or she gets a little older, such as convertible cribs or furniture. Don’t forget about adding storage to keep your nursery tidy! There are plenty of stylish baskets and bins that won’t break your budget. You can never go wrong with storage!

Settle on a Color Palette

Color is important for creating your desired vibe. The color and undertones of paint can make a huge impact in designing your nursery. Don’t forget that lighting (both natural and artificial) can change the color as well. If you can’t commit to painting all the walls the same color, why not have an accent wall? Or, you can add wallpaper to the nursery for a splash of color and patterns.

Remember to bring a sample home and test your options in different lighting and different times of the day.

Think about choosing a color that complements baby’s furniture. To elevate the nursery and make it stand out, play with and add different fabrics to the room. Drapes or curtains will make the nursery elegant, and having a throw blanket on your rocking chair will make the room appear inviting.

Personalize Baby’s Nursery

Embroidered blankets, an heirloom from Grandpa and Grandpa, or even a personalized sign with baby’s name will make the nursery special. Now it won’t be just any nursery, it’s your space (and baby’s!) to bond and care. Many moms also love having monogrammed blankets or wall art with baby’s initials.

Don’t forget to add exciting decorations for baby! Having visually stimulating or high contrast artwork will entertain baby during diaper changes or tummy time. Plus, it will tie in your chosen aesthetic for the nursery.

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