Make Your Own Squid Windsock - Ocean Themed Craft for Kids



Make Your Own Squid Windsock - Ocean Themed Craft for Kids


by Siobhán Alvarez

Have you made it to the beach yet this summer? Whether your family loves to get away each year for a beach vacation, or you just enjoy daydreaming about one, incorporating ocean crafts into playtime is a fun way to get creative with your little ones.

Summertime is the perfect time to learn about the ocean! From fishes to whales, coral and seashells, easy crafts you can do with your little ones are a wonderful way to help them learn more about our world. This fundamental Squid Windsock craft is an entertaining, yet simple craft that even the littlest hands can help with. Recommended for ages 3+.

Construction paper crafts are so easy to do with preschoolers and toddlers. There are only a few steps that an adult will have to help with. This construction paper squid windsock can be put together quickly with your toddler, so they can get to playing! It's also a great craft to incorporate learning about the ocean and sea life. If your little ones are into Disney’s new movie Luca, be prepared for their excitement when they realize how much the squid’s tentacles look like the sea monsters too!

What is a Squid?

When we make nature crafts, I like to take a little bit of time to talk to my toddlers about the topic. It’s an easy and simple way for them to learn about new things without the activity feeling too much like a school assignment.

Squids are invertebrates, or animals without back backbones. Think of them as similar to snails that you find in the yard, but they don’t have a protective outer shell. Squids have cool tentacles that help them to swim faster than any other invertebrate, too! While our construction paper squid is the perfect size to hang out in our house, there are also giant squids that can grow as big as 45 feet long! Imagine mommy or daddy laying down on the floor seven times in a row. They are even bigger than that!

Supplies Needed for Squid Windsock

Download & print the Squid Craft Template
Glue stick
Construction paper in a fun color, white and black
6 strips of crepe paper cut to 26 inches long
Yarn or string cut to 36 inches long
Hole punch
crepe paper of various colors and multicolored construction paper

How to Make a Construction Paper Squid Windsock

This construction paper squid windsock is so easy for little hands to help put together! An adult will need to take care of steps 1 and 2, but after that your little ones can be as hands on with the squid construction as they want!

1. Using the template, trace and cut out construction paper for each shape. You’ll want to use a fun color for the body, and you’ll use white and black construction paper for the eyes.
2. Punch holes in the small black circles as indicated on the body template after cutting out that piece.
3. Fold over the piece of colored construction paper that has the holes and glue the flaps together as shown in the picture.
4. Then, glue this piece to the second piece of colored construction paper to form the squid’s head. Allow this to dry for a few minutes.
5. While waiting for the squid’s head to dry, glue the black circles in the middle of the white circles to create the squid’s eyes.
6. Apply glue to the back of the eyes and then press firmly to attach to the front of the squid’s head.
7. Take the length of string and thread it through the holes on the squid’s head. Tie a knot at the back of the head.
8. Apply glue to the end of each piece of crepe paper and glue to the inside of the squid’s head, alternating the colors as you go.
9. Hang somewhere inside and enjoy your silly squid!

Step-by-Step instructions for make your own Squid Windsock

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