Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Home



Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Home


Resource: Grow by WebMD and Healthline

Our little ones develop from newborns into toddlers in what seems like the blink of an eye. We think that we have plenty of time to enjoy them as tiny babies, but it's surprising how quickly they begin lifting their heads, sitting up and crawling! Before we know it, they are pulling themselves up to stand with the help of coffee tables, couches and other furniture.

Baby grabbing toys

Babies are very curious, they want to touch and grab everything nearby and put whatever they can get their chubby hands on, straight into their mouths! Because they grow so quickly, it pays off to be proactive by baby proofing your home early. Preparing while you are still pregnant or when your child is an infant can prevent them from getting hurt. Prepping the home early is more effective in protecting them than waiting for something to happen and fixing the problem as a result.

The most common baby related injuries and fatalities in the home are from falls, objects falling on top of baby, burns, poisoning, suffocation and drowning. Keep in mind that even with a properly child proofed home, not every accident is preventable and supervision is always necessary!

Check out the best baby proofing checklist below and consider some of the following precautions to prevent baby from hurting themselves:

1. Investing in cordless blinds, especially blackout blinds, will keep baby safe and help regulate your child's sleep schedule. IKEA has a few great options.

2. Elegantly transparent, round corner bumpers from CalMyotis ensure the safety of your family against sharp table corners.

Table round corner bumper3. Beautiful baby gates of many different styles and colors that will compliment your home can be found at Summer Infant. Baby gates are important for stair safety and use between rooms, for example keeping toddlers out of the kitchen while you are cooking.

4. Easy to install and remove, KidKusion's finger pinch guard for doors is non toxic and works on both sides of the door!

5. Little Giggles door knob covers prevent baby from locking themselves in a room or getting into places they shouldn't be!

6. Protect your child from slamming into the faucet during bath time with Puj Snug's adorable and ultra soft faucet spout cover.

Faucet Spout Cover

7. Safety 1st clear stove knob covers keep curious fingers from turning on the stove all by themselves!

8. Hidden magnetic cabinet locks are a necessary precaution to keep little ones from getting into spaces where they should not be. The magnetic lock from Elite Baby is a trusted and convenient alternative to cabinet latches.

9. Consider clear outlet plugs by Jool Baby Products to make sure neither fingers nor toys get inserted into your outlets.

10. The toilet lid lock by Mommy's Helper fits most standard toilets and can be placed on all toilets in the house. It will help prevent baby from potentially drowning and adults can easily open with one hand.

11. Skip Hop's Moby the whale non skid bath mat prevents slipping and sliding in the tub!

 Non skid bath mat

12. Enjoy the glow of candlelight without the risk of baby getting burned by hot wax. Vinkor's ivory pillar flameless LED candles are beautiful and safe to leave "burning" even when you are not in the room.

13. The Hangman Store offers an anti-tip kit that anchors furniture to walls and keeps them from falling over during an earthquake, or when knocked or pulled on.

14. Rub a Dub Dub, rubber ducky thermometer in the tub! An infant bath thermometer masquerading as a floating toy duck by B&H, so cute!

15. Locked food canisters for any dry storage item you need to keep at a lower level or in reach of short arms, use airtight food containers from Bed Bath & Beyond. The set comes in different sizes and opens with a pop-up button mechanism!
Locked food canisters



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