Discover the Secret to Help Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash on Sensitive Skin



Discover the Secret to Help Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash on Sensitive Skin


Resource: Mayo Clinic

There is nothing sweeter than a clean baby bum! As every mama knows, these little bums need to be cleaned frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, constant wiping can often strip the natural skin barrier and irritate sensitive skin. Sometimes, baby will develop a red rash.

A common symptom of diaper rash is pink or red, tender looking skin in the diaper area. You may also notice some changes in your baby’s mood as they become fussy or act uncomfortable, particularly during diaper changes. Using a safe, thick cleansing cloth to wipe baby’s sensitive parts is so important in maintaining healthy skin for baby! Baby wipes that leave baby's skin clean and fresh without stripping their skin is a must have for skin health!

Ultimate Ointment and Ultimate Cleansing Cloths

The Cause

What causes diaper rash? Mayo Clinic explains the more apparent causes of this irritating skin condition are chafing or rubbing on skin from diapers that are too tight, bacterial infections spreading throughout the diaper region, and irritation from stool and urine.

Both bacterial and yeast infections can spread quickly as the diaper creates a warm and moist environment, a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. These types of rashes are usually seen in the creases and folds of skin, with red bumps scattered about. In addition, baby’s skin is naturally very sensitive, and if the diaper area is not cleaned thoroughly and changed immediately after bowel movements, they will often develop a rash.

Lesser-known causes of diaper rash can occur when baby’s skin reacts to a new product such as diapers, laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, lotion, wipes, really anything that comes in contact with baby's skin. Introducing new foods, allergic reactions or even just the transition from milk to solids, can increase the frequency and content of stools leading to a skin rash. If a child is still breastfeeding and this occurs, they may be reacting to something that mama has consumed.

Ultimate Cleansing Cloths

Rash Care

How can we combat this aggravating breakout and help ease baby’s discomfort? First thing’s first, clean the diaper area thoroughly using wipes that are safe and gentle on baby’s naturally sensitive skin. Ultimate Cleansing Cloths are an ideal wipe for everyday use, as well as for more crucial moments like this!

While some wipes are thin and may fall apart during a diaper change, the Ultimate Cleansing Cloths have luxuriously thick, petal-soft cloths that are soaked in a mild, alcohol-free, plant-based, no-rinse solution. This solution consists of gentle cleansers and nourishing moisturizers such as vitamin E, aloe and chamomile, that tenderly soothes and hydrates sensitive skin. These cloths are safe to use on baby’s face, body and bottom as they do not strip the skin but leave it clean and supple.

Fragrance-Free and Creme Douce Ultimate Cleansing Cloths and

Heal and Prevent

Once the area has been cleaned, allow your baby to go diaper free! We realize this sounds like an accident waiting to happen. But, letting your baby be diaper free from time to time exposes the skin in that region to fresh air, keeping it naturally dry. If you are worried about them having an accident, lay a towel down and let them play and roll around on it.

When it is time to put a fresh diaper on, be sure to secure the diaper without making it too tight. A properly secured diaper will stay on even when full and does not need to be so tight that the air flow is restricted or chafing occurs at the waist or thighs. These diaper care techniques will encourage healing and help to prevent diaper rash or infection from occurring.

To speed up the healing process, try the Ultimate Ointment! Awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association, the Ultimate Ointment is a skin care product that was developed for eczema flare-ups, diaper rash and chapped or chafed skin.

Ultimate Ointment creates a moisture repellent barrier between the skin and sources of irritation. The ointment's barrier reduces friction around baby's bottom and protects against thigh chafing. This fragrance- and steroid-free, over-the-counter (OTC) product helps soothe “the itch” while active ingredient Zinc Oxide helps protect and enhance the natural healing process.

 Ultimate Ointment

Alternative Uses for Ultimate Cleansing Cloths

    1. Effectively clean face & hands
    2. Sturdy enough to wipe down dirty surfaces
    3. Remove makeup from face & clothes - whether you are cleaning your face at the end of the day, or wiping off those pesky makeup marks from nuzzling your little ones
    4. Wipe away hair dye stains in a flash
    5. Dust computer keyboard
    6. Easily wipe residue on grubby light switches
    7. Freshen up your pet’s eye bogeys and dirty paws after they play outside

    Wipe Users Rave

    “Because of preexisting health conditions, my son has terrible diaper rash that will last for days at a time and occur often. These are the only wipes we feel comfortable using on him. They are wonderful, gentle and don’t cause pain like all the other ones out there.”

    -Anonymous, Texas

    “I have used this product for years. First, with my daughter and now with my son. They are soft and smell great. I use this mostly in between baths or when baby has a rash. They are so sensitive and let me clean the area without harming baby’s skin.”

    -Mom of Alex, Pennsylvania

    “The smell is very gentle but very pleasing. They are delicate enough to use on my youngest’s skin, who has issues with eczema. I try to tell all my friends about them now, and I always buy them in bulk so as never to run out!”

    -A.C., Oklahoma

    “They are thicker than other brands we have tried and stay moist, which is amazing because we use these for our toddler. They also last longer and my husband uses less of them since they actually work well. I highly recommend them and we will be ordering more.”

    -Anonymous, Washington

    “We have been using these wipes since my son was born. He will be 2 soon! They work great, better than ANY other wipe. They are so soft and gentle on the skin and work very well for stuck on poopie. Only wipes I will use on my son!”

    -Anonymous, New Jersey

    “…one wipe is enough for the biggest of messes. We use them for diaper changes, after meals, and to clean his little baby rolls between baths.”

    -Mandee, Texas

    “I bought these for my son who had surgery and couldn’t have regular baths. These were so handy to use for a quick sponge bath and good for his sensitive skin. Good size, thick, a lot come in a pack.”

    -Jessrvt, San Diego

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